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Plant support stakes include nature bamboo stake, fiberglass garden stake, support steel stake.These plant stakes support the plants to grow up, avoid them falling down or breaking off.Plant support stakes  are widely used in garden, agriculture, landscape, farm and nursery for supporting plants, such as vine,cucumber,pepper, vineyards, grapes, trees, flowers, pole bean climbing, and tomato, an so on.

  • Bamboo Stake
  • Tonkin Bamboo
  • Bamboo Stake
  • Bamboo Pole
  • Moso Bamboo
  • Bamboo Stake Packing
  • Fiberglass Stake
  • E-glass Fibers
  • Fiberglass Stake
  • Fiberglass Stake Packing
  • Support Steel Stake
  • PE Coated Steel Pipe
  • Regular Size
  • Custom Packing
  • Carton Packing